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Signature Dive Sites



This is a deep wall dive, close to the exclusive private celebrity resort of Wakaya Island. The wall has a mixture of colourful hard and soft corals. This is a drift dive. Chance to see: hammerhead sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, barracuda, and spanish mackerel.

Current: mild to moderate. Depth: 40M+ / 139ft+.

Suitable for experience open water divers and above levels, due to it being a drift dive.

Travel time to dive site: 1 hour.



A very pretty long reef, with a mix of soft and hard coral. Great for a drift dive. Cruising along the reef, there is a chance to see manta rays, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, turtles lobsters, barracudas and of course lots of tropical fish.

Current: zero to moderate. Maximum depth: 30M / 98ft.

Suitable for all level divers.

Travel time to dive site: 45 minutes – 1 hour.



A pretty long colourful wall dive. On this hard and soft coral wall, there may be a chance of a drift dive. Chance to see: Dolphins, titan trigger fish, reef sharks and turtles, along with lots of tropical fish.

Current: mild to moderate.

Suitable for all level divers, open water and above.

Travel time to dive site: 30 minutes.



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