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Do as much or as little as you wish..

Moon Reef Dolphins


Take advantage of an opportunity to visit wild spinner dolphins in their natural Pacific Ocean habitat, a short distance from the Resort.


Naigani Island Resort is one of a few places on Earth where you can experience first hand this amazing Human-Dolphins in the wild connection.

Levuka Town Excursion


Travel by resort boat to adjacent Ovalau Island and visit Levuka Town, the old capital of Fiji.


Levuka was the seat of British Colonial rule following the ceding of Fiji to Great Britain in 1874 by Seru Cakobau.


The Fishing industry has replaced whaling as the major contributor to the local economy, but many of the colonial structures and relics have been preserved, and make for an interesting and delightful day-trip down memory lane to a by-gone era of Fiji's colourful past. 

Picnic Beach


Join one of the regular around-the-island boat trips past the "cannibal cooking cave" to picnic beach in Canabuli Bay.


Take a packed lunch or when in a larger group, enjoy a BBQ lunch where you may eat your own "catch of the day".


Enjoy an unforgettable day in Fiji snorkeling on safe, pristine coral reefs just meters from the shore.



The reefs and passages of the Lomaiviti Group provide anglers of all skill levels an abundance of opportunities to land “the big one that didn't get away”. 


Trolling, casting, hand lining, spear fishing, and cast netting are some of the options available. 


Walk or kayak around the island to find your own fishing spots. Or charter the resort skiff for trolling or casting on the nearby reefs and passages, and hand line at fishing master Toka's secret spots. 

Naigani Village Visit


Our excursion to Naigani Island village offers the opportunity to experience, first hand, authentic Fijian culture in a working island village setting. Your village hosts perform a "yaqona (kava) ceremony" and a number of "meke" (traditional Fijian dances). The fascinating oral history of Naigani Island, and tales of the Island's myths and legends, accompany the bowls of kava, in a fine example of traditional Fijian story telling. 

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